Artistical experiences Reggio Emilia and its hidden charm
guida turistica reggio emilia

A few kilometers from Parma there is another interesting city that is Reggio Emilia.

Just simply a walk through the little streets of the Reggio Emilia city center to discover ancient and elegant buildings, such as Palazzo Magnani, magnificent churches like Chiesa della Vergine della Ghiara that conserves precious frescoes and paintings made by the most important artists of the Emilia Romagna region during the 17th century, like for example Guercino. Finally Piazza Prampolini, the city main square for religious and civil buildings. Inside the Town Hall there is the famous ‘Sala del Tricolore’ as it houses the first Italian Tricolor We cannot tell you everything, we are just waiting for you and we promise, you will be fascinated by our Reggio Emilia guided visit!


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