Food immersion From Farm to Fork!
guida turistica parma

The first stop on your special Parma tour is a Parma cheese factory, where we watch every step in the production of the renowned Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Basket: ricotta to make tortelli! Then we go on a guided visit to a small mill which still uses millstones to gently crush the wheat into high-quality fine flour. Basket: special type of flour!

What about tomatoes? The tomato is one of the most important raw materials our agriculture produces, and you can discover its story and properties at the fun and unusual Tomato Museum. At our last stop of the day, restore your throat with one of the best winemakers in the Parma hills. Guided visit to the winery and wine tasting. Basket: typical local wine! The next morning, our first stop is Torrechiara castle, where we offer a guided tour of the best-known castle in the region. Then we proceed towards the hills of Langhirano, the small village which produces the flavoursome Parma ham. Guided visit to a high-quality Parma ham factory. After lunch we can visit a very small producer of traditional balsamic vinegar to discover this great syrup precious like gold. Basket: balsamic vinegar! Now that your basket is filled with all the ingredients you need, you're ready to take your Parma cooking class with an old lady who’ll teach you to prepare the typical Parma recipes… Buon Appetito!


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