Food immersion Culatello mon amour
guida turistica parma

This experience starts with a guided visit to a Parma cheese factory, where we taste the Parmigiano Reggiano made in the flatland, which is completely different from the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese produced in the hills. After watching the process and tasting the cheese, we visit some of the area’s typical villages, with their small squares surrounded by arcades and their historic churches and impressive fortresses: Roccabianca, Zibello and Busseto each have their own history and distinctive features.

We then wander through the foggy cellars that combine with patience and passion to bring us a product whose taste is unforgettable: the Culatello! Our guided visit to a Culatello factory unveils all the secrets of its production, from the very beginning right to your palate. To be able to watch every step, make sure you visit a Culatello factory at the right time of year – avoid summer, when the climate is not suitable for processing the fresh meat. We are then hosted in a warm and cosy winery, where we taste the real flavor of this land: every glass will tell you something about the Po and its clay soil, and the winemaker will enchant you with his personal story! Depending on the itinerary you select, we can also visit Fontanellato castle, the elegant Colorno Palace, the Verdi Theatre in Busseto (a jewel of the opera world) and a producer of Spalla Cotta of San Secondo (a famous encased cooked meat of the flatland). We will put together a varied and rewarding itinerary full of emotions... choose whatever appeals to you most! The Parma Culatello factory, the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese producer and the winery have been personally selected by your Exploraemilia tourist guides for the human face that accompanies their excellent products.


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