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We are three qualified tourist guides / tour leaders from Emilia-Romagna who take pride in our region  
Our secret is the PASSION! 
We can’t wait to enthuse anyone wishing to discover the beauty of our region! Thanks to our wealth of specialist expertise, we give you the benefit of our professional knowledge in numerous fields.
  We make sure you take home unforgettable memories of our region!  
We can put together different itineraries to satisfy all interests, giving you an idea of our region and its unique features. We can also put together fun educational tours which involve students in concrete activities. 
  As tour leaders we can take you to Italy and other countries, and can work with travel agencies to plan thematic itineraries.

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Alice Rossi
The food and wine expert

I’m Alice Rossi and I was born in Parma, where I still live. Although it’s a small city, Parma is full of interesting things to do and taste. I think life should be lived with passion and smiles as we seek to realize our dreams. My passion is food, and my dream is to share my passion!

I love getting its magic across, whether to experts or to other interested people. I did a degree in Food & Wine Science so that I could turn my passion into a job. After university, I worked for a year (2012-2013) at Barilla Academy, where I was in charge of Gourmet Touring and Taste Education. I organized and publicized tours about Food & Wine and special tastes. My various jobs made me realize how much I love working in close contact with people, so I decided to become a tourist guide and tour leader. This gives me the chance to show off our Food & Wine specialties to Italian and foreign tourists, and to share my emotion and passion!

Languages: Italian – English
E-mail:  alicerossi.gourmet@gmail.com
Mobile: +39 3395931754

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Sara Dall'Acqua
The art historian

I’m Sara Dall’Acqua and I was born in the province of Reggio Emilia. I completed a degree in art history at the University of Florence, specializing in contemporary art. Then I decided to move to the beautiful city of Madrid, where I lived for five years.

When I came back, I decided to devote myself to one of my passions: art! Now I am a qualified tour leader and tourist guide for the Emilia-Romagna region. I am curious, restless and lively. I love travelling, reading, cooking and discovering wine and food traditions. I love visiting museums and contemplating the details of the artworks I appreciate the most. I love wandering the streets of villages and cities. I hope you will enjoy sharing all of this with me!!

Languages: Italian-Spanish E-mail:  saradallacqua83@gmail.com Mobile: +39 3493117285

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Valeria Taiani
The polyglot

I’m Valeria Taiani and I was born in Guastalla and grew up in Brescello, where I now live and work. After finishing my high school language diploma, I continued to study languages (English and German) and completed a degree in literature and languages at the University of Parma.

During my studies I had the opportunity to welcome many tourists from various Italian cities and many foreign countries, working with the Peppone and Don Camillo Museum before taking a job at the Brescello tourist office. Ever since I was a child, I have had a great passion for history, art and the past in general, so I decided to become a tourist guide and tour leader. Now I’m ready to show you the beauty and distinctive features of our region!  

Languages: Italian - English - German - French
E-mail: taianivaleria20@gmail.com
Mobile: +39 3494228665